Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lovely Day

August 27,2009
For a refreshing change I won't be veering off into a tangent, about matters, social, political or philosophical. Today was just a lovely day...I went to the drop-in this morning where I had a chance to run into the young man I spoke of in Warm Fuzzy Blog. This gave us a chance to say our goodbyes before I leave the city on Sunday. From there I went to the mission for lunch...not a bad lunch. The cream of potato soup had no potatoes but was chocked full of cauliflower... personally I would have called it cream of cauliflower soup. But that's just me;-). One of the staff there wanted to buy a dream catcher but she doesn't get paid until Monday. So after I finished lunch I went over to where she was sitting and gave her the dream catcher she had chosen, she just lit up. I told her if she felt compelled to pay for it, she could give the money to my friend Sam, he is in their recovery program and will not be allowed to take employment for several months.
Then I went to the park where I ran into an elderly man, never knew his name but he had stopped by last weekend and said he wanted to buy a dream catcher , would I be there next Sunday. I mis-spoke, and said yes. I would have felt so badly if he had not had the chance to buy his dream catcher before I left.
Later, I saw a man who lives at the mission with his girlfriend of 10 years. Last week we had the only conversation we have had since my arrival in this city. Though we often passed each other and occasionally nodded hello, we had never actually spoken. Our conversation last only 10 minutes or so but he told me that he had been with this woman for 10 years and she is his soulmate. I thought that was just such a sweet thing to be able to say after so many years with someone. Anyway I made them a nice little dream catcher with the word "LOVE" hanging from the top of the tails. All this week I looked for him so I could give it to them before I left and today I had that chance. We spoke for a few minute then he gave me a big hug and told me he would never forget me. Little things can mean so much in the homeless community.
Then I did a tarot reading for a couple of the workers from the drop in centre. Which seems to put the one girl's mind at ease. After dinner at the shelter where I stay. I walked down to the Mustard Seed where I was finally able to meet Mike's daughter, I know that was very important to him. On my walk back to the shelter, I gave my sandwich to some old guy who was too drunk to walk down the 3 blocks to get his own. I kept the yogurt bar in case our snack tonight was icky. But it was fruit salad with canned peaches again, which is o.k. with me I love that stuff. Then I took a dream catcher and gave it to Momma L as a thank you gift. She is only a few years older then me but she looks and acts like she's 70. In her own way she is a social worker and care giver to many of the ladies who come and go from this place.
By morning we will have our first 1,000 hits on the daughter wants 10,000,000 before the journey ends lol. What can I say the girl is ambitious...All in all it has been a perfectly lovely day.

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