Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mundane Matters Matter

August 10, 2009
Being an idealist or crusader, I tend to forget about the mundane matters of business. The business of Angels of the Road is thankfully small and uncomplicated... more chihuahua then pit bull, none the less it has come back to bite me in the ass. I mentioned before my young friend who has fallen off the wagon and returned to the streets. It is of coarse in my nature to be very concerned for his well-being. I however, forgot to be concerned about the fact that he was paying my phone bill. Now I am a week away from losing my cellphone and internet service...awkkkk! Perhaps when we register as a charity next month our sponsor base will become more stable, but for now things are quite precarious...so if you were thinking about making a donation this is an excellent time to do so. I attended a church service tonight by Women's Aglow, the lady preaching kept saying just ask God and it will be given. Since I am pretty sure God doesn't have paypal, I've asked Him to maybe talk to some of His friends about kicking in a few bucks given that it is an emergency.

The rest of my day was ok...didn't get to go to homeless summer camp. But lots of my friends who really needed the get away are now out enjoying nature and some really good food. I just figure there is something I need to be in town for this week, so God kept me here. Life is easier if you're just willing to trust a little. ;-)

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