Saturday, August 8, 2009

Old friend New friends

August 8, 2009
I have arrived... I sat down at brunch today and was joined by 5 of my friends from the population here. They didn't all know each other but they all wanted to sit at my table. I'm one of the cool kids....woohoo. Very exciting day in the park, it is the Caribbean festival this weekend. Colourful costumes, great music and the park was just stuffed with people. Fortunately I don't enjoy spicy foods so it wasn't difficult for me to watch the festivities without any money. Just pulled up a shady spot next to the fountain and made dream catchers...I'm actually getting quite good at it. It takes about an hour for each one. I went to the dollar store (homeless persons best friend) and picked up some more supplies. I will probably go back to the park tomorrow if the weather is nice. Many of the guys from the mission go over there after brunch to cool off and hang out.
Bearing in mind something my friend James Matheson told me before I started this journey. I took the time to contact an old (long time) friend from St Catharines, tonight. It was good to catch-up and do a little reminiscing. James had said, "that it is important to spend time with family and friends. That living on the street, (figuratively) one can easily get caught up in the culture and forget who you are and why you are there". I talk to family everyday and friends every week... these things keep me grounded in my real life. That and of coarse blogging to you almost everyday.

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