Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just BE and do it in comfortable shoes.

August 26, 2009
Wow only 36 hits and we will make our 1,000 mark probably be there by Friday. That is 1,000 different computers logging on in 83 days since George put the counter on. It blows me away that so many people are curious about my journey into homelessness.
I really believe it is humankind's natural state to care about and for each other... So why is there so much violence, pain, and separation among people? Damned if I know. I am reminded of a particular line from the bible where Jesus said (which many religious people forget) "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and thy neighbour as thyself". And he said it just like that, in Jamesian English... Many people can't open their hearts to others because they haven't yet learned to love themself. Which is really sad because the Creator brings each new life into the world complete unto itself. Unfortunately, we teach children to judge and doubt themselves. We set them up to see life as a competition, you're a winner or a loser. Since very few of us win all the time most of us grow up with some level of doubt and self loathing. So by the time we are adults we find a standard of success, that allows us to be better than_________
Our success or self worth is based on our ability to judge others unworthy. If we have lots of money, we choose to believe those who have less are less successful ergo less worthy. Money is not the only barometer of success, there is religion, family, athletic achievement, intellect, even compassion. My point is that when we are insecure, we find something good in our lives and use it as a barometer by which to judge others lacking. What if you didn't have to be a winner or a loser...what if all you had to do was just be yourself. And that was perfect. You being perfectly you for this moment (there I go with the moment thing again) just loved and accepted without judgement. Now hold that feeling into the next moment, and every moment there after. Once we stop judging ourselves, we will have no need to judge others. We will be able to carry out the commandment to "love thy neighbour as thy self."

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