Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still learning

August28, 2009
This blog should have been entered last night. I haven't quite figured out all the new health dangers of living homeless. As you may remember I missed a blog before due to heat stoke, back in Regina. I knew that one was coming on because it starts, for me at least with a headache. But due to a series of event and the daytime lock-out where I was staying it was unavoidable. Yesterday however the was no warning headache. I had been taking extra strength Tylenol for my knees, which give me a lot of trouble (time to stop getting old LOL)... When I finally came back to the shelter at 8 p.m. I just laid down and was out like a light. So my apologies to all for missing our blog.
There are many health risk in shelter living I have been able to avoid but I am still learning. My skin is turning to crepe paper, some nice man told me he would not have thought I was a day over 50 awk before I left I was passing for mid to late 40s. That was only 3 months ago LOL. Also the high carb diet has me putting on weight so I am going to have to rethink some of the dietary stuff.
With the next leg of this journey taking me into the winter months I will need to be careful hypothermia, frostbite etc...Must watch closely to see how the street people (with all their appendages) handle the elements.
Anyway got to go find a glass of milk...then off to my last weekend brunch at the mission. I will blog tonight. ttyl

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