Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Passion and a new man

August 12, 2009
I never imagined we'd see 46 hits in one day, this is so exciting. Well, either people have really begun to care about the issue of homelessness or they will grab any chance to shop online or someone has started a rumour that Angels of the Road is a porn site. If that was you...thx, I think. Imagine if everyone who visited the site today, including repeat IPs, bought a dream catcher (just one each) I would have enough in 2 days to cover my dreaded outstanding phone bill. The new IPs alone represent a potential $230.00 (46 x $5). That is enough obsessing about mundane matters, (bills) the hit count deserves to be obsessed is wonderful news.
Today was interesting in several ways, it began with a resident's meeting where many ludicrous statements were made about the control of our bedbug issue. Hope they never look it up on the internet LOL. Kind of reminds me of the early 60s when air raid drills at school instructed us in the event of nuclear attack, "to get under our desks and cover our heads." Just about as useful LMAO. But fumigation day will result in a field trip to the zoo and a picnic, so who I am to correct their misperceptions. Also on the agenda was a request from the owner of a couple of nearby apartments to admonish our girls from hanging around his buildings... along with many other undesirable types that frequent there. Perhaps if he didn't rent his units to drug dealers (yes more then one) this would cease to be a problem.
Also added some photos on the TO DONATE page, that was a learning experience in sooo many ways. But I think the result was satisfactory.
Then I went out to dinner with a new friend, a very intelligent and interesting gentleman. He is a crusader for the rights of cancer patients to access alternative therapies. It is nice to meet someone else with that kind of commitment. Not everyone can be passionate about homelessness but everyone should be passionate about something. Not everybody can have the time or freedom to be a crusader for a cause...and that's really o.k. Every cause needs crusaders and every crusader needs followers who provide the encouragement and support to keep him/her going. Isn't it nice to know you are needed ;-)

To order Mini Dream Catchers.


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