Sunday, June 7, 2009

500 Miles (ish)

June 4, 2009

To quote an old country & western song; "Away from home, away from home. Cold, broke and tired, all alone. Lord I'm 500 miles away from home.  It is nearly 500 miles or 660 kilometers from my home to my first stop on this journey. After only 4 days here, I am pretty sure I'll just about equal that distance walking the city before I move on. Too bad this isn't a walkathon, at a buck a kilometer, this project would pay for itself .LOL.  

Spent the morning helping the SWAP drop-in get ready for an open house they were having this afternoon. I spent the afternoon doing the usual, except for a stop at the bank to pick-up my rent for next week. Tonight I came back with every intention of trying crash a workshop with drummer Kenny Aronoff. I think I was just missing my friend Vern (also a drummer) because after I talked to him (Vern) on the phone I was quite content just to stay in my room tonight. Yes, in case you hadn't guessed I do miss my friends and family.... that's just normal.

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