Monday, June 29, 2009

New / Old pics

June 29,2009
Hooray...I have been able to recovered the last few snapshots from Regina and they are now posted in the gallery. There will never be photos of other clients for reasons of their personal privacy. At least not any with identifiable faces on the website. Now that I know the camera and I are going to be friends, I will try to provide more gallery shots. I have put the murals under art. And the purple house is also under art rather than photography, although that was a close call. The purple house with the teal roof is between da'hood and cathedral village in Regina. It is just a house and I imagine the people who live there must be the happiest people ever. I had a collection of photos that included the soup kitchen and the Osler / Halifax St areas but alas I mishandled the file and my early attempts at digitally recording my journey were sadly erased. Fortunately I am only 1/24 through my trip so I have plenty of time to hone my photo journalistic skills LOL.

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  1. That, is a great purple house!