Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a crocheted cozy

June 24,2009
Wow, George added the hit-counter a couple of weeks ago and today we broke 200. Thanks for checking in. The other day I found out, quite by accident, that this particular type of yarn I have is very good for removing smudges, fingerprints and dust, from my computer screen. So yesterday while I was waiting for my laundry I crocheted a small cloth just large enough to fit over my keyboard. By placing it on the keyboard when I close the laptop, I don't get those grubby little key impression on my screen. Necessity is a mother...or the mother.
Went to the clothing provider was able to get a couple of thing to change into. I only have room in my bags for 1 of everything, plus 4 pair socks and 4 underware. So I acquire a few pieces from whatever agency is giving away used clothing. Then when I move on I give it away to other homeless ladies and do the same thing in the next town.
The good news is no weird dreams last night...bad news is just didn't sleep. Not sure if the problem is physical or fiscal. The bank account is almost empty, sorta knew this was coming, but when something is important to us we find a way to make it happen. Traveled 775km (approx.550 miles) to my first destination and 800km (approx 575 miles) to my second. It is 6100km (4000 miles) from Victoria to Charlottetown. I'm not good at conversions so forgive the inaccuracies. My point is that this journey isn't over until I have lived homeless right across this country. Homelessness is a national problem, and maybe national awareness can bring a national solution. When I get like this, feel free to kick my soapbox out from under me. I just have to keep the faith and know the Creator would not have sent me on this journey if the resource weren't going be there to keep it going to the end.

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