Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glitches and Gaffs

June 6, 2009

Hi, welcome back, I have good news and bad news...the good news is, we now have a hit counter on the site. That could be fun. The bad news is, we have a glich in the comment section (and all this time I thought you just weren't interested enough to comment). My friend Wolf mentioned a problem with this a long time ago, but we attributed it to the site not being fully launched at the time. George is working on the problem, and I'm hoping soon everyone will be able to share their thoughts with me ;-)

When I arrived in town the girl at the YWCA told me a room was $45 per I met a gentleman who stays at the YMCA for $310 per month...clearly I should have inquired about their monthy rates ;-) Oh well won't be staying a month unless something interesting comes up. Just haven't decided where to go to next.
This place is really quiet on the weekend and the usual haunts are closed 'til Monday. There is one place open providing breakfast and lunch for men only. Guess that's because (a I noted in earlier blogs) there are no homeless women in this city. Hope I have something more interesting to report tomorrow.


  1. LOL All I can think of is that Cybil episode when she goes undercover as a prostitute.

    More importantly, Testing...comments!

  2. Tooo funny.... and really scary.... I'm sure that is on James' list LOL