Friday, June 19, 2009

Some how seems familiar

June 18, 2009
Blogs may frequently be posted next day while I am here as I have been cautioned not to use the laptop openly in this building. The place I'm staying now reminds me of 5th floor ladies' at the DI. We have around 50 women here crossing every demographic, and level of needs. My room-mate is a pleasant, quiet 50 something lady. She is mostly a victim of economics, and has applied to a seniors housing initiative. Other reasons for being here are MH or physical infirmities, displacement by abuse, recent release. There are, I am sure, some addicts, but this is a sober building so we only see them on good days. Another resemblance to the DI is the lining-up for everything. I was required to surrender my Tylenol and supplements when I arrived. now I have to line up to get a maximum of 2 and come back in four hours to get 2 more (which come with a little cup of water so they can witness me take them). If I am going to be out during the day the will give me just enough, on my way out the door, to cover during my absence. Bear in mind these are all over the counter products which I paid for myself. No wonder people in these environments get resentful. I wonder if over the long term one could lose the ability to make judgements for oneself?
Yesterday I took my walk about and discovered this city's version of The Cecil Hotel, decided I will have to pop in and check it out before I go. Also discovered a drop-in centre open all day and serves lunch. This location has job training and many supportive services, On Thursday they are scheduled to have an Elder on site. Hung out there for a while, met a few people, then went to the library to do my blog. The mural art is in this neighbourhood is amazing. If I ever figure my camera out I'll add some photos to the album. ttyl

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