Monday, June 22, 2009


June 22, 2009
Really feeling sad today, not entirely sure why. Maybe just a little homesick and missing you all. Could also be a build-up of negative energy...I've been to church six times. I feel that church is an important element for any community, maybe I'm hoping to see some new attitudes blossoming. Those of you who know me, know I don't take a lot of comfort from organized religion. And in spite of the large Native population base, I can't find anyone to give me sweet grass or sage so I can do a smudge.
Last night I went to a service at Sacred Heart, a church which claims to be Native-centric Catholic Christian. When I entered, the place smelled of sweet grass. The crucifix hung at the centre of a large medicine wheel. Stunningly beautiful images of dancers depicted from the eagles eye, were on the wall behind the pulpit. I can't really hope to describe all the beautiful images by native artists which adorned this building. The liturgy was covered in deer hide with a medicine wheel quilled onto the front cover. While this is a noble effort (for most Organized religions any effort to acknowledge the beliefs of others, is a noble effort). The decor and the addition of one short prayer to the Creator was the only integration of the Native Spiritualism to Catholicism. I felt "bait and switched" ...and was extremely uncomfortable through the whole service, which was thankfully short as masses go.
This morning I went to the Aboriginal Day Celebrations at the federal building... Lots of talented Native artists and crafters (sucks to be poor could have added to my collection). Also good musicians and singers. Had a couple of pieces of the fried bannock, my favourite kind. Would have brought a couple of pieces home, but I didn't have a baggie...clearly I am a slow learner LOL.


  1. You really need to find a loonie store and start packing those baggies!

  2. Still have the baggies I took from your place...just have to remember to keep them in my purse LOL