Sunday, June 7, 2009


June 5, 2009

Today the weather turned quite chilly but it seems to be getting a little brighter again now. If it is sunny tomorrow I will have go down to the park and see if I can pick-up a little cash busking (not sure about the spelling on that). Today I withdrew some cash to pay next weeks rent, so I'm going to try to replace that a.s.a.p.. There was a neighbourhood BBQ on the other side of downtown (that is where the men's shelter and the soup kitchens are). They had a D.J. bouncy castle (the only thing in the world I'm too tall for LOL) door prizes and hotdogs. The park was filled with families in spite of the cool weather...not a lot of food but nice to just sit and watch the young ones playing. I picked-up a little dress and a hat at the clothing depot so I can go to church on Sunday. There is no room in my back pack so when I leave here I'll pass that stuff on to one of the girls at the shelter. Sharing what you can seems to be all part of the homeless experience. ttyl

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