Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apologies to all

June 13,2009
So sorry about the late entry. Seems my outing yesterday left me with a little bit of a sunburn and a whole lot of heat stroke. Got some leftovers from the kitchen, took a fistful of acedominaphine (ok..3) and went directly to sleep (got to love Sundays) for 12 hours. So the following took place on the 13th of June.
This morning I met a new worker (new to me)... Shawna is the most amazing young women, intelligent, articulate, funny and adventureous. She reminds me alot of me...not when I was young....NOW. How I envy this girl and the glorious journey unfolding before her. I only wish I had more time to know her better.
About the heat stroke, I am usually more cautious in such matters but circumstances led me astray. I did my daily walk about, an hour or hour and a half. Just as I was about to sit down for a bit, my friend came by and told me she was off to visit our friend in the rhab centre. I didn't know the girls could have visitors so I ask if I could tag along. There was no shade in the outdoor seating area and both of my friends smoke, so that is self explanitory. After our visit I was walking back to the library to sitdown and read some more from a book I had started the other day, when another friend phoned and asked to meet. We met up and walked around stopping by his place for a visit (out of the sun but no a/c). I would have bused back from there (it is way across town) but he wanted to walk me back, and I really couldn't refuse such a gallant geasture.
That was yesterday, today has yet to unfold.

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