Friday, June 19, 2009

Assimilation Complete

June 19, 2009
In my last city the homeless first assumed I was staff, then a volunteer...I would have to tell everyone I was a client. That has all change in my new location. Day one I was taken for a user, day two I was taken for a dealer and today I hit the trifecta(sp) on my way back from a healing service at an area church I was taken to be a hooker. LOL
Today my room-mate received approval for her new place...she will be able to move in Friday next. I'm so happy for her, sadly for me I will now be playing roomie roulette. The healing service was nice but I couldn't stay long. Sheryl Bear was playing guitar and singing. People were dancing and a young man was in the corner doing katas and a sword dance. Very Asian discipline but anything that focuses our energy brings us closer to the creator. Meditation is meditation, not everyone can sit and contemplate their navel for hours.

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