Monday, June 8, 2009

divine intervention

June 8,2009
Hi All... this is my first attempt to blog on the new page George created, but I won't know if it is 100% until one of you post a comment ;-). Yesterday was Sunday and I went to check out the church scene not once but twice. In the morning it was the Revival Tabernacle, the music was great but the sermon made me so angry I walked out. Reducing the congregation by just under 10%. If I had the password to blog yesterday you would have been ranted thanks to divine intervention you have been spared. Last night we went to a Native Gospel Church...that was pretty cool, if I'm still here next week I'll try visiting the other ecumenical church in the neighbourhood.
Well now I know why homeless people panhandle... it costs $20 min to live homeless (at least here) now that is only $600 a month. Which is about the cost of a bachelor apartment in the civilian world. I could save $300 if I was willing to crash on some strangers floor and maybe one day I will just for the experience. For now I'm not pushing the envelope... just watching and learning. ttyl

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