Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to say about today

June 25, 2009
If I don't blog something my youngest will be really annoyed with me, she's a bit of a worrier. So here goes. Tried to access some clothing at one of the local Missions, this is significant because the request was during off hours. The staff I dealt with was considerate respectful and went out of her way to accommodate me.This is the kind of organization I would enjoy working for. I give this agency an A++. When dealing in any human services field there are always variables, specifically humans. Over the long term there is a fine line between maintaining order and institutionalizing the client. When every decision is made for you (as a client), I think it is possible to forget how to make decisions for oneself.
I have during my career met social workers for whom policies & procedures are not guidelines but granite. There is no human give and take, no flexibility, at least within the confines of their job, they are institutionalized. A wise young woman once said these types of people lack confidence in their own judgement and fear making a mistake. I will pass on the best advice which was given to me by my mentor and friend Greg Smith, "Don't do anything you can't justify". Once you can articulate why you are making the choice you have will grow more confident in your ability. In time you will trust your instincts and be the most effective social worker. Remember humanity when working in human services...if you don't genuinely enjoy your work get into another field. The pay is no hell here anyway, you gotta be in it for the love.

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