Sunday, June 21, 2009

My kingdom for a baggie

June 21, 2009
Happy Father's Day, Happy Solstice and Happy Aboriginal Day... That said, I slept in again today and took brunch at the same place as yesterday. What can I say I like oatmeal. There was no jam today because, we had the yummiest Cinnamon biscuits instead of toast. Eggs were a giant baked omelet and I gave my piece to the guy across from me. so the girl next to him gave me her biscuit. And I traded the guy next to me a cigarette for his biscuit. One to eat two to take home. I sat carefully wrapping each one in a napkin and slipping them into the side pockets of my backpack. Which now goes with me everywhere (wishing I had invested in a net book)lol. My new Muslim friend (the man who traded his biscuit)took me over to the drop-in centre, I didn't know they were open weekends. We lined up again to be served an opulent lunch of finger foods. Two sandwiches, two treats, fresh fruits and fresh veggies...sooo good really wish I had a week.
Also a first for today was I sold a smoke. What can I say, every 50 cents helps LOL. Tonight I am off to Sacred Heart , Aboriginal peoples / Christian church. ttyl

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