Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 15th revisited

June 16, 2009
Well forget what I said last night... after many phone calls back and forth and much admonishment toward me for even needing a bed, I was permitted to stay at the shelter. It is the basement of an old hotel with about 20 beds and unsecured storage. Women only and must be clean and sober. Also I won't be welcome back tonight without proof of I.D. or a case worker (actual city social worker) to assign me a bed. So in other words these are not charitable organizations...unless someone is paying your way you don't get help.
I asked Stacy (day staff where I stayed last night) about the situation for intox beds and she doesn't believe there are any, male or female. So I guess I'll have to find some street people to show me the ropes in this town.
Don't worry if I happen to miss a day blogging... I'm going to be locking most of my things up at the bus station until I find a place to stay or move on from here.

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