Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Don't worry ...beee happy."

June 30,2009
The highlight of my day was getting a phone call from my friends in Ontario. I have emailed them a couple of times, without response. So my imagination kicks in, what if someone is sick ...or god forbid dead. What if no one thought to let me know or assumed I was unreachable on the road. So it was a relief to hear her voice and know everything is alright. It seems they check my blogs and it is as I feared, people forget that I want to know how they are doing to. She worries about me living out here among, (to quote Simon & Garfunkle) the ragged people.
I believe we die when we die, we always risk death by simply living. Crossing streets... very dangerous, riding in cars... swimming, climbing in and out of a bath tube. Which makes me way safer staying shelters because they mostly have showers LOL. Yes this is a leap of faith but I can't believe the Creator would send me on this journey unless it were to a good purpose. And I trust that whatever I experience here is necessary to my (all of our)understanding of this community within our communities.

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