Saturday, June 27, 2009

New friends and old souls

June 27, 2009
Sorry about not blogging yesterday but except for going out to the Mission for breakfast and in search of a dress, I just stayed in...wasn't feeling 100%.
Today was different, I went to the mission for brunch, ran into a few familiar faces which is good. I was starting to feel like I'm spinning my wheels here. After brunch I went downtown where they are having a public arts festival, all free and quite enjoyable. As I was sitting in the shade listening to the open air concert, I saw a young man (clearly in need of a smoke) across the street. So I walked across the street offered him a cigarette, and asked to join him. We talked all afternoon, about spirituality, religion and matters philosophical. He is Metis from Manitoba, and with his reclaimed recovery, is a new found interest in his cultural heritage. It is always a joy to meet a young person whose heart and mind are open.
My young friend Hank, once spoke to me about being raised in a culture of greed and about his need to find a deeper meaning for his life. Money is not a bad thing nor is it a good thing... it is good for what it will buy and to some extent necessary to survival. Money is a tool not an end. Money does not insure or prevent happiness. Joy is a soul thing...It is found in living authentically. Following our hearts, our hearts feel good when what we do is good. The thing that is good differs for each person and we can never judge another's path to happiness and the way in which they contribute to the larger good of humanity.

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