Sunday, June 14, 2009

what to say...

June 14,2009
Here it is my last day in this city... what can I say. The only thing in this world of any real value is TIME... we do not will it into or out of being, when it is gone there is no replacing it. You have only two choices, to spend it well or spend it poorly. The time I have spent here has been well spent. I have experienced a system far different from the one in Calgary. I have met some amazing people, some of who will stay with me always.
I have found the hardest thing about this, is not being able to be completely open with everyone. Which is why this last day has been nice because I have been able to share my true identity and my true purpose with my friends. I have been very fortunate that they have all been understanding and forgiving of my small deceptions. While here I have made it a point to be truthful, in everything that matters. My feelings, beliefs, values and even stories of my life and family are true. The only lie was in the name I chose to use and my true purpose for being here. There are a few people I won't get to say goodbye to but I wish them light and love in all things.

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